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Founders Stories #1: getbaff

By November 12, 2020 No Comments

Hi, we’re getbaff!

The idea for getbaff came to us, that is Hendrik Gottschalk and Jan Owiesniak, rather spontaneously. The team was in the middle of planning another project in 2018, when co-founder Jan showed us a 15-second video during the lunch break, in which a soccer sticker was transformed into a video with the help of an augmented reality app.

From that moment on, it was clear to us that this is a technology with a huge potential. So we threw the old project overboard and dedicated ourselves to Augmented Reality, or AR for short – the technology that combines the analog and digital worlds.

With AR, users can be given additional digital information on analog surfaces. The information can consist of text, images, graphics, videos or 3D animations and can be accessed via the camera of a smartphone, various apps or augmented reality glasses. The enhancements happen in real time. This means that additional content is transmitted live to the environment, but the rest of the environment remains the same.

We developed the getbaff app, which uses the smartphone to add digital content to certain interfaces or products, for example those of our partners. In other words, we bring digital video content onto existing analog surfaces and thus support companies in their digitization efforts. With our technology, we offer space for information that is otherwise not available.

In addition, we have developed a Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows the integration of the “baff function” into already existing mobile apps and thus enables companies to use our solution in their own apps.

Also the broadcaster Sat1 was interested in getbaff and introduced us to a large audience. We started to gain valuable experience by presenting getbaff at different European trade fairs. We managed to present our vision and the implementation of it so well that we were included in the accelerator Vodafone UPLIFT. We were also able to win Ariel and Sea-Shepherd as customers. In addition to the first successful projects with Unitymedia and Edeka, we can now list more and more customers such as Miss Germany, Deutsche Sporthilfe, Tetra Pak and Bracenet.

This October we also launched our first online store. At we give customers the opportunity to make their wedding cards come alive with our Augmented Reality technology and to send their guests a secret video message.

The getbaff journey started with two people. With the time more and more people joined us, who stand behind our vision and see the great potential of getbaff. Meanwhile, the getbaff team consists of 15+ employees from different areas, among them our CMO Lars Nierfeld, former head of marketing of FC Köln, our CCO Rosa Rashed and Michael Baßler, getbaffs CFO.

Only as a team have we come this far and we are looking forward to a long and successful journey!