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Founders Stories #10: EDGELESS SYSTEMS

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The two founders of Edgeless Systems – Felix Schuster and Thomas Tendyck – know each other from their time together at the Chair of IT Security at the Ruhr University in Bochum. (Fun Fact: both are left-handed).

The idea to found the company came to Felix some time after his doctorate, when he was working at Microsoft Research in England. There, he was one of the first to deal with the novel topic of “Confidential Computing”.

Convinced of the technology’s potential, Felix called Thomas – then still employed at G Data Antivirus – in spring 2019 to convince him to start the company together. Shortly thereafter, they both quit their jobs and began developing initial prototypes of a super-secure database based on Confidential Computing. The results were so promising that the foundation and further development was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research with several hundred thousand Euros – Edgeless Systems GmbH was born.
But what exactly does Edgeless Systems do and what does Confidential Computing mean?

Data is becoming increasingly important for our modern society. At the same time, the expectations for security and data protection are increasing. It has long been possible to protect data on the hard disk and during transmission by means of encryption. However, data has always been unprotected during processing. This is changing with Confidential Computing. Here, data remains encrypted even during processing – and verifiably so.
The hardware foundations for Confidential Computing have been supplied by well-known processor manufacturers such as Intel and AMD. Virtually all major cloud providers now have corresponding offerings in their program.
In order to make the possibilities of Confidential Computing easy to use, Edgeless Systems has dedicated itself entirely to the development of open source software. With the tools EGo and Marblerun, so-called confidential microservices can be easily developed and then scaled super-securely in the cloud – e.g. in Microsoft Azure.

This enables, for example, the secure and rule-based sharing of data between companies. Similarly, companies can process their customers’ sensitive data while proving that the data is not accessible to anyone, including hackers and administrators.

The many exciting use cases have prompted the well-known Forbes magazine to include the technology on its list of “Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends” for 2021 – alongside other groundbreaking topics such as 5G.

Accordingly, Edgeless Systems is also seeing a lot of interest in the topic and is developing solutions with well-known companies from various industries.

The principle “better safe than sorry” is the top priority at Edgeless Systems! ūüėČ