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Founders Stories #12: Comydo

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The Comydo Team

We laid the foundation for Comydo at the Institute for Logistics and Transport at the University of Hamburg. There, Julian pondered how to increase the efficiency of the last mile in parcel delivery. The basic idea was simple: parcel delivery staff should be able to get into the house without anyone opening the door and without a key or transponder. The package itself must be the key. Felix then developed the first prototypes and the founding idea grew stronger and stronger. Comydo was born. Since then, several years have passed and an access management system has emerged from a research idea that is unique in its flexibility.

We quickly realized that not only parcel deliverers need flexible access to residential buildings. Repair services, building cleaning and other service providers also regularly enter the entrance areas of apartment buildings. Until now, it has been necessary to hand over the keys in advance or even to send out your own staff to open the door. Both are not only time-consuming, but also expensive. And if it is not known in advance who needs access and when, it becomes especially complicated. Comydo solves this problem. The existing building technology is extended by the easy-to-install Comydo module. Access authorizations can now be created via a web application and easily sent in the form of QR codes, for example automatically by e-mail. To gain access to the building, all that is required is to hold the code, for example on a smartphone or as a printout, in front of the Comydo module. Authorization is then checked in real time and the door is opened if successful. And since the required codes are already on the shipping labels of parcels, parcels are automatically keyed – provided that the parcel is really destined for the building.

Based on customer feedback, we have continuously made improvements and further developed the product. And flexible access is also of great importance outside the housing industry. Wherever changing groups of people need access, Comydo scores particularly well. For example, Comydo now opens gates to shipping yards to provide secure parking for truckers or enables access to coworking spaces and 24-hour branches.

The latest addition to our product portfolio is Comydo license plate recognition. Not only QR codes can be flexibly generated and sent via our unified platform. License plates can also be equipped with flexible access authorizations. With a high-performance plug & play camera, parking garages, parking lots and company premises can thus be digitized very easily.

In the process, the support of partners has always been very important. Early on, we entered into a sales cooperation with Vodafone and became a partner in the Vodafone UPLIFT program. This gives us a strong multiplier with a trustworthy brand at our side. The Hamburgische Investitions- und Förderbank initially supported us with the early-stage InnoRampUp program to also leverage this potential. In the subsequent financing round, the development bank joined us as a VC together with High-Tech Gründerfonds and the investor Anyon. This gives us the necessary tailwind for the next steps, above all the opening up of further markets and the development of new products.