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Founders Stories #14: EasyCare

By March 4, 2021 No Comments

Lars Jagemann & Jonathan Denzel:

With EasyCare, we want to focus on the topic of self-determined aging. The idea came to us through personal experience. The two of us, Lars Jagemann and Jonathan Denzel, know the needs of older people and the challenges of caring relatives first-hand, as we have both had experience with relatives in need of care in our own families. We always lacked a smart, digital solution to better organize everyday care. Routine checks and the chaotic organization of care put a lot of strain on the families. This is how the idea for EasyCare Assist was born. This is, a care assistance app that makes growing old possible even for those who want to be cared for safely and self-determinedly by their relatives at home. With features like an emergency function, vital data monitoring and an organizer, this becomes possible!

By combining smartwatches for elderly with the EasyCare Watch app, which records vital data, and our EasyCare Phone app, family members can keep an eye on their loved ones’ well-being at all times. In the event of an emergency, EasyCare provides location-independent and automated emergency detection through real-time analysis of vital data. The organizer functions integrated into the app improve the organization of care and coordination between family caregivers. In contrast to existing assistance systems – for example stationary emergency call buttons – EasyCare uses new technologies to provide a location-independent, intelligent and data-driven real-time app solution for elderly and their family caregivers.

We are currently working on the release of our first alpha version in the App and Play store. In parallel, we are preparing the certification of our second alpha version as a software medical product to enable subsidies for our customers via health and care insurance companies as a Digital Health or Care Application. Subsequently, we would like to scale in the rest of Europe.

As young founders, we have many new ideas but little professional experience nor experience in starting companies, which is why our supporters have been crucial to our success so far. In addition to the great support from the Digital Innovation Hub Düsseldorf/Rheinland GmbH, which supported us with their accelerator program, as well as the Vodafone PACESETTER, our home state NRW also encouraged us in our start-up decision through the NRW-Gründerstipendium.

Together we want to use the chance to improve the daily care routine for elderly people and their relatives in order to enable self-determined aging!