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Founders Stories #13: ThreeB IT

By February 18, 2021 No Comments

The ThreeB IT founders Thimo Buchheister and Thorsten Brügge.

We are a startup from Ibbenbüren that has turned the passion for software development into a profession. We are Thimo Buchheister and Thorsten Brügge, who have been working together as software engineers for a long time and decided in 2019 to make the world of digital processes accessible to everyone.

Thanks to many years of experience as well as personal contacts in the world of logistics, we developed a platform for managing sea freight import and export processes in close cooperation with a large logistics group. During the development of an application tailored to the needs of the customer, we came up with the idea of why this is not always the norm. Why is it necessary to adapt to the framework of the software when switching to new software.  Wouldn’t it make more sense for the software to adapt to and accompany the processes already in place? This is how we came up with the idea of developing a generalized platform for process management and automation – our ThreeNamic platform.

Unlike many other process automation products, it is not the customer who has to adapt their processes to our software. On the contrary, our platform is built so dynamically that every conceivable process can be mapped and even automated through appropriate interfaces. Through constant exchange with our customers, it has become apparent that a time-consuming aspect of our daily work is the exchange of information with customers and partners. Queries about the current status of an order are commonplace and take up time. Therefore, with ThreeNamic it is possible to grant external parties access to defined areas. This enables transparency and saves additional work.

A first presentation of our platform took place at TechCrunch Disrupt 2019 in Berlin. During Disrupt, we were able to make valuable contacts, from which some strategic partnerships important to us have developed – including the initial contact with Vodafone UPLIFT. Thanks to our affinity for .Net development, we have a successful working relationship with Microsoft, which has repeatedly provided us with helpful support in the implementation of complex problems. And as a member of Vodafone UPLIFT, we use the PACESETTER package and thus receive support with our cloud infrastructure and also receive marketing & community support.

One of our goals is that ThreeNamic is a living platform and can evolve according to the wishes, requirements and suggestions of our customers, making the world of business processes more digital and transparent.