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Founders Stories #15: Evy Solutions

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Arian Storch & Michael Vogel:


We are Michael Vogel and Arian Storch, the founders and managers of Evy Solutions. And we sell software for automatic knowledge processing and analysis using artificial intelligence (AI). We founded Evy Solutions GmbH in June 2017, but we also have 6 years of research and development experience.

Our first product was an app for the B2C market as a mobile digital assistant for mail management. Clearly owned company, it became clear to us that our know-how in the business-to-business area is much more in demand. We will therefore had to completely convert our business model to the B2B market in autumn 2018. With Evy Xpact, we offer a service in the field of process automation, document processing and analysis using artificial intelligence.

One of the success of our products are our own employees, but also our investors. In addition, we look to great cooperations with LIS AG, as well as leogistics.


How does the function work and analyze it exactly?

In principle, the answers and analysis of the documents always take place in which way. The transport of the contract, the customs document, etc. All personal information have to be received and accepted in the IT system of the user company. Upon request, a validation or enrichment of the recorded data to include missing information rights. The essential process steps are made possible by the optimal software from the IT and corporate landscape optimizations.



Evy Xpact helps text-based instead of position-based. This means that the various documents can be understood, despite their own structure. The same rights of political documents do not have to be trained differently. This results in an extremely high readability rate and an enormous reduction in workload for companies with a large number of administrators. Furthermore, due to the text instead of positions, only work sample documents are used to train the software. Similar learning the software in the perception of the further further, the further you can meet self-reliantly in need. This means that a productive start is possible in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.

Status quo

Our customer base consists of companies from different industries. These include, for example, ABB, Antalis, Hans Ihro Spedition, Haromac, Creditreform and Josten Transporte.

Based on these customers, we decided at the beginning of 2021 to make the purchase decision process even easier, so that we are now (initially) offering 3 different products. On the one hand, Xpact Logistik with the processing of transport orders for the logistics and transport area. On the other hand, Xpact Production for the area of ​​the manufacturing industry with the processing of orders and finally Xpact Office with the processing of client documents for credit agencies and law firms.