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Founders Stories #16: Apomap

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Philipp Schäfer & Moritz Schäfer:

apomap – the first free logistics software for pharmacies – developed in the Sauerland Valley

  1. Development of the idea: problem, special situation, job experience, etc.

The idea for apomap came about in a workshop between the innovation agency DIVE INN and the Franziskus Apotheke in Winterberg in the Sauerland. The workshop was scheduled to uncover and solve any problems in the pharmacy. The pharmacy’s staff and owner Jürgen Schäfer were just as involved as the DIVE INN consultants Philipp Schäfer, Moritz Schäfer and team.

Since the Schäfer family (Jürgen Schäfer with his three sons Philipp, Felix and Moritz) were dissatisfied with the existing software solutions for the pharmacy delivery service, they decided without further ado to develop a solution themselves. Together with the co-founders Sven-Lucas Deimel and Max Wick, who are responsible for technical development, apomap was created – the first free and cloud-based delivery software for pharmacies.

  1. Brief presentation of the product / service: solving the problem

Delivery orders occur in the pharmacy when drugs are not in stock in the pharmacy and have to be reordered or an order is placed by patients in some other way, e.g. through their own online shop or by telephone.

This process is often organized in an analog and unstructured manner, so that transmission errors are not uncommon and the messengers are on the move for hours without navigation and specifying a route. It’s unsafe and inefficient.

With apomap, pharmacies can digitally record orders, automate route planning, let couriers navigate along these routes using their own app and inform patients about the status of their delivery, similar to what is known from the major logistics providers.

Apomap’s business model is to enable all pharmacies to access the cloud software free of charge and to benefit from the continuous growth in pharmacy deliveries through a scalable remuneration model. Further up- and cross-sell products are already being planned.

  1. Status quo: customers, product development, projects

apomap has been developed together with pharmacists from the very beginning, so that we can respond particularly to industry-specific challenges. Workshops and agility are central components of our way of working and the lean start-up principle is always in focus, i.e. building MVPs, testing and then improving the product based on the feedback. As a result, the interests of the customers are never ignored, which created a lot of trust, especially in the early days.

The apomap team works both remotely and in the co-creation hub of DIVE INN in the Sauerland Valley. In the land of a thousand mountains, a thousand ideas are to be created and implemented over the next few years. The recipe for this: “With co-creation and country air to success”.