Founders Stories (eng)

Founders Stories #17: pack-it-eco

The Team of pack-it-eco:

We are the solution for all companies that care about sustainability!

We are pack-it-eco.

Our founder Markus had the idea of our B2B store for sustainable products during his stay abroad in Asia: on his trip through Asia, plastic waste was his constant companion – no matter how remote the place was, plastic waste was everywhere. He realized that something had to change and founded pack-it-eco. Today, in addition to co-founder Nathalie, he is supported by five other team members who complement each other with their diverse know-how and doer personalities.

The idea of pack-it-eco can be summarized: “Environmentally friendly management”. We want to protect the environment, because our planet is suffering from the constantly increasing demand for raw materials, land and fresh water. The consequences are global environmental disasters, rising temperatures, soil degradation and the loss of our biodiversity. Besides packaging many companies use too many other products that are harmful to the environment. With pack-it-eco, we want to offer alternatives for this. We want to make it easier for companies to access sustainable products and support their conversion to sustainable management.

It is important for us to think holistically. We are not just a climate-neutral company that sells environmentally friendly products. For us, ecological sustainability is always in harmony with economic and social interests as well – accordingly to the triple bottom line.

This means that we not only pay attention to the eco-balance when selecting our products, but also scrutinize the producers and manufacturers. Only the most sustainable and fairest products make it into our store. For this we have the following guidelines:

  • Where do the raw materials come from?
  • How and where are they processed and manufactured?
  • How sustainable is the production?
  • What are the supply chains and how is the transportation?
  • How sustainable is the end of life of the product?

Pack-it-eco is more than just sustainable products, though: our sustainability and packaging specialists offer customized sustainability consultations to companies to help everyone make the transition to sustainability. At the same time, we provide information around the topics of waste avoidance, reduction and ecological initiatives (which we of course also support ourselves). Our goal is to create a community full of like-minded people. For this purpose, we are currently developing further features for our customers in order to make our website even more user-friendly and therefore as efficient as possible for the customer. Various customers already select their sustainable products from the wide range and request individual developments from us.

On our way so far, cooperations with companies have given us the necessary support in the form of valuable know-how and practical implementation. In addition, feedback from competitions has provided us with valuable input.

We look forward to receiving inquiries to help more companies on the path to greater sustainability!