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Founders Stories #2: HOREICH

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We at HOREICH develop and produce highly reliable IoT radio transmission units for sensors for monitoring structural and operational parameters in construction and industry. Already during our studies, the two founders Andreas Reichle and Fabian Hoppe independently and intensively dealt with the topics of entrepreneurship and tech start-ups. As chance would have it, we met in a business competition and developed first concepts for an IoT tracking solution, at that time still meant against bicycle thefts.
Through personal contacts, however, we soon came across a completely different industry, which is currently lagging far behind when it comes to digitalization issues: The construction industry. This new focus led us to the idea of bringing the construction industry into the digital age with a comprehensive IoT hardware and software platform. We applied for the EXIST program with a business plan and a first prototype of our solution and were selected for a one-year grant from the BMWi.

The Problem
Sensor data at construction sites and infrastructure objects are currently still mainly recorded manually, which is due to a lack of infrastructure on site on the one hand, but also to well-worn and outdated processes on the other. New radio technologies can help to create comprehensive monitoring solutions that reliably record and wirelessly transmit data. An integrated hardware and software solution is needed that connects different sensor technologies to the cloud and stores the measured values centrally and makes them accessible.

The solution – product and service
At HOREICH, we rely on our self-developed Universal Sensor Platform (USP), which provides a solution for a wide range of requirements and applications. Our motto is: We take care of the connectivity of your sensors in the field! This includes all tasks from sensor connection, wireless transmission and up to the cloud. Existing sensors can be connected to our system in no time. Once installed, the USP collects data as often as the customer wants and sends it to the cloud, where it is either visualized or made available to the customer as raw data. The special feature of the system is that it functions autonomously and sends data at regular intervals over a period of years or – if a power connection is available, for example – continuously transmits measured values to the cloud. In the future, a connection to Building Information Modeling Systems (BIM systems) is planned, which will enable a complete virtual integration of the real product.

Who will support us on our way?
Thanks to our EXIST scholarship from the BMWi, we were able to concentrate fully on our task of further developing the start-up last year. The tech incubator Zollhof has also been supporting us in the business area for several months. With a project to optimize connectivity, we are now also supported by the Start?grant! program of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. Vodafone UPLIFT has been a supporter of the company since hour zero and is helping us to build our cloud platform. And last but not least, we are of course dependent on our customers, on whom our company is built and who are sometimes our best employees.