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Founders Stories #3: toOrdr

By November 26, 2020 No Comments

“Why do we often stand in a queue at the bakery for more than 10 minutes, even though we want to buy exactly the same thing as last week? – I already dealt with this question intensively in 2018 and was not satisfied with this recurring circumstance. The more often I encountered this situation in everyday life – even at the butcher’s, kiosk or florist’s – the clearer I became about what the solution to make shopping easier should look like: Using an app, I can add the items I want to buy to my shopping cart and pay digitally – similar to online shopping. All I have to do is pick up my purchase on site. Originally I assumed that such a platform would have been available for a long time and that I could suggest this solution to our baker, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. So I decided to bring toOrdr into being.

Who am I? I am Julian, 31-year-old automotive engineer and part-time managing director of the young start-up red root GmbH based in Baiern near Munich.

Besides my job, I designed a digital ordering and payment platform and started its development. An app was created in which our partner companies are displayed, if desired sorted by distance to the user location. The advantages of toOrdr are obvious: For the companies the planning is easier, the peak phases are equalized and the customers continue to come to the companies. For the customers toOrdr offers a high degree of comfort and time saving as the typical “standing in line” is eliminated. In addition, shopping is hygienic – a very important point, especially nowadays. Both the companies and the customers benefit from using toOrdr.

After the company was founded in May 2019 I met the Vodafone UPLIFT team at the Bits & Pretzels trade fair in Munich. After presenting my idea, the app prototype and above all my vision, we were accepted into the program in 2019.  Since then, the UPLIFT team has been supporting us with the Vodafone PACESETTER, among other things by providing technical resources (e.g. a high-performance cloud solution), by providing support for the implementation on the servers and, of course, through the multi-layered Vodafone network. Thanks to the UPLIFT team I had the opportunity to present toOrdr to the BÄKO management, i.e. the bakery and confectionery cooperative, a few weeks ago. A real highlight for us, where our solution met with great interest.

Back to the beginnings: toOrdr was launched just in time for the first lockdown in 2020. Together with our partner bakery Niemeyer in Aying near Munich we started distributing rolls, breads and delicious pretzels via toOrdr in April. In the meantime, two more bakeries, a florist and a gastronome couple in the Munich area have expanded our network. We are confident that soon even more businesses from all over Germany will join us and we are happy about a growing network – no matter if through new users or partner businesses. With a fair pricing model based purely on the turnover generated via toOrdr, the companies can join our toOrdr platform without any risk. The app download is of course also free of charge.

New on board: CTO Andreas

Where do we currently stand? We have already gained more than 400 users and will soon have brokered the first 10,000€ turnover. To expand our service even further, we recently launched a webshop click and collect solution. Our platform is growing fast, reliable but at the same time sustainable. With toOrdr we want to build a bridge that connects the digital everyday life and the shopping at your favorite store around the corner to unite the advantages of both worlds. Our partners are unique craftsmen’s businesses, whom we want to enable an easy entry into the digital world. To meet this demand, Andreas came on board as CTO a month ago. He is responsible for technical development, database management and process automation. As a full-time IT consultant, he is ideally suited for this role.

So an idea became a concept. From a concept a startup. And from a startup? Whatever the future holds for us! We are looking forward to an exciting journey. Everyone who would like to join this journey is welcome to download the app or contact us!