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Founders Stories #21: Recalm

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recalm GmbH was founded in 2017 by Marc von Elling, Martin Günther, Lukas Henkel and Ralf Ressel, based on the idea of blocking out noise at the push of a button. Without having a long history together, the young entrepreneurs founded recalm and developed the product and business idea together.

We are surrounded by a lot of noise every day, but we hardly notice it and the consequences only become apparent years later. By reducing noise, not only is stress reduced, but hearing is also protected. Especially on large construction and agricultural machinery, drivers are exposed to a lot of noise for a long period of time. Wearing headphones or earplugs all the time is not an adequate solution, as there are also important sounds to be heard, such as alarm signals.

The product ANCOR is based on the Active-Noise-Cancelling technology. In this process, noise reduction in the frequency range up to 500 Hz is achieved through targeted anti-noise. In this process, microphones first pick up sound waves from a noise source, such as engine noise. With the help of the developed ANC software, signals with opposite polarity to this source are then generated, which are output by our ANC system. These anti-noise signals neutralize disturbing sounds for the human hearing. This means that both sound waves cancel each other out and a wave with a significantly smaller residual amplitude is created.

In this year 2021, the first units of the product ANCOR will be produced and will be launched to the market. In this phase it is especially important to distribute our product to as many customers as possible, so that we can learn from their experiences and optimize the product. In addition to the further development of our actual hardware product, we also have other projects underway with various companies that are particularly interested in development projects and the software.

In addition to the product vision, we have been able to win important partners along the way who have recognized the importance of the technology. Also, the development of a young and motivated team, has been instrumental in the success and optimization of our company to date. As always in life, it also took a bit of luck that we as a hardware startup survived the first often so critical years and made the step from prototype to series product.