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Founders Stories #24: IoCare

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Matthias Riedel (Co-Founder) IoCare:

At IoCare, we ensure that senior citizens living alone can live as long as possible carefree and self-determined at home.

The idea was born out of the personal environment. The situation arose that I increasingly worried about the single parent, whose strength slowly waned due to age. With a distance of 150 km, a short visit was not always possible. If I called there and the receiver was not picked up, I was worried – did something happen?

A classic home emergency call system with a reporting button as a bracelet was strictly rejected. On the one hand, after all, you are not old yet and, on the other hand, you don’t want to have strangers in the house, was the answer.

That changed my perspective and I asked myself what a solution should look like in which people don’t have to adapt to technology, but technology adapts to the needs of senior citizens.

With that, RICA (Relatives Interconnected CAre) was born.

Our lifestyle service for more independence does not require any change in habits. No interaction with the technology is necessary. Caregivers do not need to define alarm thresholds. The technology remains in the background like a good ghost.

The solution is aimed at caregivers or care service providers whose users (seniors) tend to be reluctant to use a home emergency call system or simply forget to use it again and again.

How does it work?

  • Activity sensors recognize movement profiles
  • The system learns the routines of the elderly and continuously adapts to changing life situations.
  • At a glance, you can get the information you need conveniently and intuitively.


  • Easy to use. Does not require manual interaction with the device
  • Senior-friendly (does not have to be worn on the body, cannot be forgotten, the technology adapts to the person)
  • Protection of privacy: no sound or video recordings are made. The information is reduced to a minimum – 3 colors – who does something when and where is not recognizable
  • Delays the loss of autonomy; Preservation of independence
  • Provides a sense of security between phone calls and visits

After we have installed the solution in several municipalities in Shanghai, we are in the process of further developing the RICA service with our partners for the German market.