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Founders Stories #4: MOWEA

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The world has two extremely reliable natural events: On the one hand, we have a huge nuclear reactor in space, the sun, and on the other hand, we find weak to strong sound movements, the wind. Both have something in common, they are enormously productive and always reliable, and they complement each other almost complementarily.
Renewable energies such as photovoltaics and wind power have established themselves as the drivers of the energy turnaround. What is still missing, however, are small wind turbines for the urban areas and the industry of tomorrow.
In December last year, MOWEA, in a partnership with Vodafone Germany and today’s Vantage Towers GmbH, was able to install for the first time a modular wind power system on a mobile phone tower in Northern Germany, or as Vodafone calls it: “Germany’s first mobile phone mill”.

Dr.-Ing. Till Naumann, the founder and CEO of MOWEA GmbH, recognized the potential of small wind power not only during his doctorate on the aerodynamics of rotor blades of small wind turbines. Till Naumann is a wind power enthusiast and founder of MOWEA GmbH, which was a spin-off from the Technical University of Berlin.
With renowned funding programs and various comrades-in-arms from research and industry, he paved the way for cutting-edge technology and the world’s first modular wind turbine.
Nevertheless, the goal of establishing hardware on a market is characterized by hard times and setbacks. This is only possible with great staying power and supporters, says the founder.


Similar to standardized photovoltaic modules, MOWEA’s small wind power systems are composed according to the modular principle, which allows MOWEA’s customers to flexibly adapt a wind power plant to the energy requirements and circumstances.
MOWEA’s wind turbines have smart communication interfaces and internet connection for optimized control and monitoring of the plants and can be combined plug and play with other energy resources.
In addition, customers can choose between different colors and mounting models, making wind power an architectural eye-catcher.


Our planet needs more green energy in order not to exhaust its CO2 capacity. The expansion of renewable energy sources is progressing worldwide. Nevertheless, the momentum for the energy turnaround must be further accelerated. Only if the leading countries and companies adopt ambitious climate targets and take them seriously can global warming be slowed down and our planet, as we know it, remain habitable for us as human beings.
That is why MOWEA is pleased to have a broad network of supporters in science and industry, such as Vodafone and its Green Mission. Without the support of Vodafone, Vodafone UPLIFT and Vantage Towers GmbH, the Mobile Mill project would not be possible.
The expansion of new mobile phone masts is just as necessary due to the 5G expansion as the use of green technology. The vision of a green SIM card is thus within reach.