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Founders Stories #5: Access All Areas (Silberdraht)

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Access All Areas shares a common vision: to enable digital participation for all people. Our goal is to develop intuitive and user-friendly technologies to build bridges between the analog and digital worlds.

With our first service Silver Wire, which was created as part of the WirVsVirus Hackathon under the patronage of the German government in March 2020, we have also made the connection of different generations as well as self-determination in old age our topic. We want to clear up the usual age images of an entire generation.

Silberdraht is an analog platform that can be reached via telephone. We provide digital information such as exciting podcasts and current, relevant news (e.g. regional weather and Corona infection figures) via the analog telephone path and enable the 65+ generation to access Internet-based content without having to deal with an Internet connection. Unfortunately, almost half of the 65+ generation in Germany still have no access to the Internet. That’s why the exchange with stakeholders and generation representatives is particularly important to us. In recent months, we have built up an extensive network to draw attention to the need for digital participation among people from the 65+ generation. For example, we were already able to present Silberdraht on Deutschlandfunk Kultur. Silberdraht hits right to the heart – it strengthens values that are important to the older generation: Self-determination, relationships with other people & social justice (source: Statista) and offers diversion in times of social isolation.

Silberdraht not only resonates with the 65+ generation, but also with the community & business: as a finalist in the Prize for Digital Togetherness 2020, we were supported by the Vodafone Foundation and Vodafone Germany with a free phone number, as well as by Sipgate for VOIP Trunking. As one of the TOP 130 projects, we were accepted into the WirVsVirus Solution Enabler continuation program and a little later into the Vodafone UPLIFT program. Vodafone is a strong partner for us, accompanying us in our milestones and supporting us with the cloud infrastructure.

We are proud to have become a successful part of the world’s largest hackathon with the Silver Wire project:

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"#WirVsVirus ist ein eindrucksvolles Beispiel für die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Zivilgesellschaft, Wirtschaft und Staat: Die gelungene Verbindung der digitalen Bürgergesellschaft und ihrer Problemlösungskompetenz mit dem lernenden Staat haben #WirVsVirus zu einem Erfolg gemacht. Jetzt gilt es, auch über Fragestellungen der Pandemiebewältigung hinaus, Offenheit für innovative Herangehensweisen zu entwickeln.”

Helge BraunBundeskanzleramt

The added value of our solution is shown to us every day by the many positive feedbacks, which inspires us to keep developing new technologies – thus AAA was born.
Our phone service infrastructure is infinitely scalable, allowing us to connect partners to the analog platform and market our own white label solutions in the future: We develop individual solutions for cities and counties so that their offerings for a better quality of life in old age become accessible via the telephone. One of the first customers is a city in Baden-Württemberg, which in future will enable all interested parties to obtain information by phone about current senior citizen and assistance services that would otherwise only be available online. We are already in talks with other cities and look forward to the next exciting projects. In the future, we also want to enter into dialog with retirement and nursing homes as well as media partners.

Behind this success is an experienced founding team of experts that has achieved a lot in the last few months: Susanne Steigler (business development, development of cooperations and project management), Theresa Henze (marketing, strategy and financing), Niklas Droste (product development, innovation and business processes) and Daniel Puscher (product development, quality management and support).

Access All Areas – for inclusive digital participation & freedom of information for all.