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Founders Stories #7: Kid-Coins

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An idea is born

The idea for the family app Kid-Coins and the later resulting umbrella brand “made4families” was born in my family. With three children and two working parents, we – like all families – master dozens of small and large challenges in family organization every day. Strenuous discussions, such as on “cleaning the room,” “setting the table,” “media time,” “homework,” and more, challenge us as parents. The admonishing and encouraging often takes longer than the activity actually requested.
Valuable family time is lost. So how do you get your offspring excited about the little tasks of everyday life without a lot of discussion? We wanted to offer our children a playful incentive to get involved and thus increase their appreciation for their family work. Kid-Coins was created at home on the flip chart. A real family project. Our children formulated their own wishes and goals and we related them to our ideas and values. The experiences and successes from this analog time have been incorporated into the idea and development of the app, which went live in May 2020.

The Kid-Coins app

Kid-Coins: How the app works

Kid-Coins is a family app that is primarily designed to help children master the everyday challenges of family life in a playful way. The children’s affinity for digital tools helps to pick them up where they like to be. The children’s wishes are entered into the app and, together with the parents, it is determined what activity or how many points/coins are required to fulfill the wishes. The collected coins stand for playful fun, similar to a board game. At the same time, they convey to the children how valuable their family commitment is. The children quickly understand that it’s not just about the one or other extra gift, but that more family time is available when each family member contributes to the tedious tasks of everyday life. In addition to activities and coins, the app offers a calendar. It helps to keep track of the whole family and gives the kids an orientation structure. In addition, special family moments can be posted on the Photowall/FamilyWall and shared in the protected area with grandparents, for example.

Next steps

The first seven months that the Kid-Coins base app was live generated a lot of learnings and helped drive the build. In 2021, Kid-Coins will take the next major development step. In the first quarter, the user interface will be further optimized to make the app even easier and more intuitive to use. Furthermore, existing functions will be improved and the integration into the daily cell phone use of the users will be advanced step by step.

Kid-Coins is teamwork

In Kid-Coins is my hope and conviction to be able to make a positive difference for families, for our children and their future. The fact that I was able to find so many supporters for this conviction is part of the success. First and foremost, of course, is my own family, which has accompanied me with a great deal of patience and commitment. My business angels, including Marcus Stahl and Jürgen Wolff, have made the whole thing possible through their belief in the idea, in me and many inspiring conversations. Within the operational Kid-Coins team, Marc Schmit as CTO is the steady hand that, together with the developers, has developed the app piece by piece from a simple app product to a stable and secure app solution. In the social media area, the Audience Cachée team has succeeded in building a social media community with high engagement within a few months. Classic PR is supported by Seidensticker Kommunikation. At the end of the year, we were able to enjoy wide-ranging TV coverage and a large number of new users. There are now 20,000 users.