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Founders Stories #8: peerOS

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peerOS at the Hackathon 2019, Pictured from left to right: Jan-Frederic Graen (Co-Founder), Fynn-Hendrik Kühl (Co-Founder), Daniel Demmer (Co-Founder).

An idea is born

We at peerOS are a young startup from Osnabrück with currently six employees.
peerOS represents a completely new approach in dealing with data and the freedom for each individual to determine what happens with their data. Nowadays it is common for companies and other institutions to access our data, user profiles, etc., evaluate them and improve their services based on them. peerOS is developing a new way for a beneficial networking of people, data, processes and objects without sacrificing protection and privacy.

We offer economical system solutions for the highly secure remote reading of consumption data of various types of utilities and for scalable use cases of a smart city. For this purpose, we use modern transmission technologies such as LoRaWAN and combine them with the distributed ledger technology IOTA for quantum-safe encryption.
As a developer of digital, society-serving system solutions in the fields of energy, mobility, industry and society, we are now an important partner for companies in forward-looking projects for digital infrastructures.

The founding team met and got to know each other for the first time at a HACKATHON, which was held as part of the Digital Week 2019 in Osnabrück. At the hack, we developed a solution for the digitalization of the energy industry – digital meter reading of consumption measurements in strict compliance with all data protection regulations. This makes it possible to automate the annual consumption reading and send consumption values to the metering point operator in near real time.
It was exciting to focus two days on developing a concept with a new idea and a new team, and to work out a vision to which we have remained true to this day.

Today, we count large industrial partners among our customers and have developed several ready-to-use sensor modules. Through the good cooperation with the local energy supplier and support from the local business development agencies, we continue to develop our idea and expand the network.
In parallel, we are planning a large research project called “Smart Sensoring Platforms for Smart Energy Grids” in the 7th Energy Research Program of the German government this year. In collaboration with a total of 6 partners, we are developing, among other things, a transport layer protocol to send larger amounts of data via machine communication protocols such as LoRaWAN. An intelligent platform will then network modern senoric modules and control energy flows.

Jan-Frederic Graen (Co-Founder)