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Founders Stories #9: XEEM

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XEEM founders Géraldine Ulrichs and Janine Weirich

How everything started

We are Janine Weirich and Géraldine Ulrichs and form the team behind Xeem. We both studied Interactive Media Design and have skills in design, IT, project management and marketing.
Parallel to our studies, we gained experience as working students at Merck and as freelance designers for several years. Due to our early independence and our great team cohesion, we quickly gained the desire to build our own company.

The concept behind Xeem is based on a joint research project that addresses the digital transformation of the labor market. We critically examine the labor market and research skills that will be particularly important in the future – so-called future skills. It became our mission to develop a concept on how to train Future Skills in the best possible way. This was followed by our bachelor project “Xeem” in the summer semester 2019, which was funded by the Hessen Ideen Stipendium from 01.01.2020.

We now forced the problem that companies are faced with new challenges due to digitalization and thus have to act innovatively to withstand the competition. At the same time, they can no longer sit back and wait for numerous applications from suitable talent. Today, new ways are needed to access the best young talent and creative talent in the digital age. Our mission is to build a bridge between young people and companies while promoting Open Innovation.

Our solution brings young talents and companies together through online challenges. Companies upload short business cases in which talents work together in interdisciplinary teams and develop creative ideas. For this purpose, Xeem provides an integrated video call and a tool for recording the ideas.
We want to encourage talents to train their future skills through practical experience and bring them into contact with the business world. Companies, on the other hand, can use challenges to draw attention to themselves and engage in employer branding. In addition, they gain access to motivated and creative talents as well as external ideas and solutions.

Our journey and where we are today

In August 2020, we completed the first version of the Open Innovation Platform and launched Xeem. In the process, we were already able to win the first well-known companies, such as Merck and SAP, for pilot projects.
We are currently writing our master’s thesis in “Leadership in the Creative Industries”, which also revolves around Xeem. In March 2021, we will complete our master’s degree and fully dedicate ourselves to building Xeem as a company.

After our bachelor’s degree, we received the Hesse Ideas Scholarship for half a year, which provided us with financial support to build our company.
We are very grateful for various mentors from different fields who supported us with valuable tips and experience. In conclusion, we can say that we always stay on the ball and continuously work on our common vision.